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Tangmere Parish Council serves the village of Tangmere and hamlet of Easthampnett in West Sussex.  Tangmere parish is located three miles to the east of Chichester and is twinned with Hermanville-sur-Mer in Lower Normandy, France. 

We hope that you find the website useful in providing you with information on the activities of the Parish Council and also information about the Village Centre and other village groups, organisations and services.  To find you way around the site please use the navigation buttons on the left.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the work of the Parish council or if you have any concerns that you feel the Council should be aware of.

The Council has started on the production of a Neighbourhood plan. Please visit the web page for the plan to see how we are progressing.  During April 2014 we are conducting a village questionnaire to seek the views of residents on the issues that will form part of the plan.
Please complete your survey if you have a paper version, or submit the on-line version. The link is on our Neighbourhood Plan web page.

There is a vacancy on Tangmere Parish Council that the Parish Council can now fill by co-option.  Any eligible elector for the parish who wishes to be considered for the post should contact the Clerk at this address: 9 Wyvern Close, Tangmere, West Sussex PO20 2GQ.
There is another vacancy on Tangmere Parish Council following Cllr Poulter's resignation as of 31 March.  A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held, if within 14 Days (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday or Bank Holidays) from the 1 April, ten (10) electors for the Parish give written notice to request that the vacancies be filled by election to the returning officer, Chichester District Council, East Pallant House, East Pallant, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1TY (Telephone 01243 785166).  The notice must be given in writing or on a form obtainable from the office of the returning officer.  If no such notice is given within the time allowed, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

 Finance Committee - Tuesday, 29 April 2014 at 7.30pm at Tangmere Village Centre - agenda available shortly

The next scheduled meeting of the full Parish Council will take place on Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 7.30pm at Tangmere Village Centre and will be the Annual Parish Council meeting.  All are welcome.  


The final few wooden posts are now in place around the recreation field. Whilst we know that a determined assault on the field would be successful, the objective of our placing over 200 posts on the perimeter was to make the field less attractive to travellers in their bid to camp-up somewhere for free.  Considering all the options that were looked at in the immediate aftermath of last year's incursions, I believe that we have found the least objectionable solution, and the cost has been mainly funded by CDC. We now face the task of waiting to see if we are subject to illegal encampments this summer.
WSCC also face the same waiting game. The airfield was subject to one of the most extreme invasions in all of the south of England, with over 20 caravans camping out for over a week, making residents feel helpless and angry about the lawless nature of the travellers. It is therefore not surprising that WSCC have made access to the airfield so much more constrained over the past year. The Parish Council understands the frustration that allotment holders and community garden members feel about the restrictions imposed upon them, but the inconvenience they face is of a minor nature compared to that which adjoining residents faced last year during the incursion. I personally walked through that encampment late at night, and the atmosphere was of a violent and aggressive nature, nothing that I have ever experienced in England before.
With the news that CDC have pushed through a temporary travellers site at Westhampnett it appears that some relief may be coming to the challenges faced by our communities.  It is going to be 2015 before that site is available, but once open, local residents will be justified in expecting their police service to give no quarter to illegal encampments in the county, and to move travellers on immediately.

The human rights of the law abiding majority should not be sacrificed for the rights of a small group who seek to abuse the system. If these travellers were genuinely homeless and destitute, they would receive the help, sup-port and charity that we, as a community, are clearly happy to give to the genuinely needy.

The next full Parish Council meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday, 8 May at the Village Centre. All residents are invited to come and give their view.

Andrew Irwin
01243 776 823

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