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Neighbourhood Plan

 locality.jpgThe Parish Council agreed in September 2013 to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to voice their opinion on how the village should grow in the future and the facilities and services it would require to do so.  Above are links to help you find out about the various parts of the neighbourhood planning process. 
Locality website has information about the planning process and a forum if you need to get some questions answered or find out how other communities in the country are dealing with the process. 


The Task groups link will take you to pages that inform you about what the groups have been discussing including agendas and minutes of meetings, the Village Questionnaire link will take you to a page which has all the results from the questionnaire. The State of the Parish report link will take you to the Village Reports old and new page which includes The State of the Parish Report and the Village Design Statement 2002 as well as various other important document relevant to Tangmere that you may find interesting.

Below are Tangmere News articles which give monthly updates as to how the Neighbourhood Plan is progressing.  
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfnhp_article_tangmere_news_feb_2014.pdf - 669kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfnhp_article_tangmere_news_march_2014.pdf - 139kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfnhp_article_tangmere_news_april_2014.pdf - 490kb
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